USW Local 6166

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Greetings Sisters and Brothers,

I am very proud to be the President of United the Steelworkers, Local 6166. We represent hourly workers at Vale, GDI Cleaners, Garda Security Airport Screeners and Calm Air Cargo in Thompson and Churchill; as well as the Calm Air Administration staff in Thompson.

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I have been employed with Vale since October of 1987. I have been in the role of Worker Safety Representative since June 2006 and active as a Steward since 1992. Read more >>>

I am the Recording Secretary for the USW 6166 Executive Committee. I am also privileged to be the Worker Safety Representative for our members in the Mill and Warehouse. Read more >>>

I have been an activist since 1993 holding various positions within the Union (Steward, Health and Safety, Worker Safety Rep, Negotiating team 2008 and 2014, Guard, Trustee) and going on my second term as Financial Secretary. Read more >>>

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I have been involved in the mining industry for 19 years. I have been employed with Vale for 12.5 years. My current bid position is ITH driller. Read more >>>

On January 8, 1990 I hired on with INCO Ltd. and started my employment as a Millwright in the Smelter Maintenance department. Read more >>>

I hired on in the Smelter on January 9, 1989.  I worked there for about 2 years and decided it was time for me to move on and try the underground world.  I then moved on to the mines for the next 15 years.  I had the pleasure to work at all three mines.  I worked with a lot of very good people and learned a lot about the underground world.  It was an interesting time. Read more >>>

In 1991, I hired on with INCO in the Refinery as a Plating Tankman and became a member of the Refinery Rescue Team. In 1995, I went underground at T-3 Mine until 2000. I was temporarily force transferred back to the Refinery, where I returned to the rescue team and the Tanks. I also worked and trained in all areas and became a member of the C.I.S.M. Team. Read more >>>

I started with Inco Ltd., in the Smelter in 1987. I worked there for 20 years before moving to the Warehouse. My Union activities started with Contracting Out in the Smelter, followed by Steward and Safety and Health committee member. Read more >>>

I began with Vale in 2010 in the Tankhouse/Refinery. I have been involved with our Local Union over the past few years. Read more >>>

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