USW Local 6166

President - Les Ellsworth

Greetings Sisters and Brothers,

I am very proud to be the President of United the Steelworkers, Local 6166. We represent hourly workers at Vale, GDI Cleaners, Garda Security Airport Screeners and Calm Air Cargo in Thompson and Churchill; as well as the Calm Air Administration staff in Thompson.

I started with INCO on March 04, 1980 and left in September 1981. I returned to Thompson in December 1981 and hired on with Metropol Security. On October 23, 1985 I rehired with INCO in the Refinery and shortly thereafter made a commitment to get involved with the Safety, Health and Environment Committee. I wanted to make a difference and ensure my brothers and sisters went home after an honest day’s work. I served for 9 years on the Refinery SH&E committee as both member and Chair.

Throughout my career, I served in most positions within the Union, including Union Steward; Divisional Chair of Safety, Health and Environment; Chair of Grievance Committee; Financial Secretary; Vice President and President

I decided to run for President after being in the plant for the last 4 years. I realized we were going backwards instead of forward and felt I could make a difference. There is unity and strength in numbers and I will commit the full strength of your Union to ensure you are represented in your workplace.

In Solidarity,

LE/cl cope 342

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