USW Local 6166

2015 Labour Day Message from USW Local 6166 President Les Ellsworth

It is an honor to bring greetings on behalf of the USW Local 6166 Executive and 1200 plus members in Thompson and Churchill.

In celebrating Labour Day, we are reminded of the many struggles that got us to where we are today. This is not just about a long weekend or the entertainment and picnic that we are enjoying today. This is about celebrating the many accomplishments and sacrifices made by those workers who preceded us, who struggled for gains for all workers, gains many take for granted today. We continue every working day of our lives to improve conditions in the workplaces we represent.

Recently, we completed negotiations for the 1st contract for our administrative office members at Calm Air. It took over 13 months to get to a settlement for our members to ratify. We, again, welcome them into our Union. We also ratified a respectful new agreement with GDI (Our cleaning unit at Vale).

We were pleased to support the IAM in Flon Flon and Snow Lake who were on a picket line for over 3 months. Together we will win these struggles.

We have an ongoing labour issue in Nelson House with NUM (Nurses) which has to be settled. They need to be treated fairly and with dignity, just like any other nurse in this province. Our Union sent representatives to support their dispute. The arm of the Union movement stretches far and wide.

In a couple of months, with your help, we will have the opportunity to elect a first ever NDP Federal government. In a few minutes, I will introduce our MP for the Churchill riding and our MLA for Thompson.

My message today is “Stand shoulder to shoulder with each other” and we will continue to win our struggles. You are the Union! Together, we can make a big difference in our workplace and our country by electing the party of our choice - the NDP! Enjoy the day and take part in the celebration.

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