USW Local 6166

Contracting Out Coordinator - Harald Stadlbauer

I am pleased to have been appointed the Contracting Out Coordinator and I am ready to take on this new opportunity.

My family moved to Thompson to pursue educational opportunities, as well as explore prospects for employment in the mining industry. We have met and made many lifelong friends who have become our extended family. Our family has grown to include grandchildren and the community of Thompson and the north is home. I proudly declare and embrace Canada as my home. My family enjoys exploring this amazing country on long road trips, camping and boating at Paint Lake and spending time with family and friends.

Training for the trades began for me at age 14, when I apprenticed in a tool and dye shop, and after 3 years, I earned my trades qualification as an Industrial Mechanic. With 14 years experience working in the field, I immigrated to Canada in 1992. It was discouraging to discover that my qualification and experience was not recognized in Manitoba. However, with my experience in the retail sales industry, I was able to improve my English proficiency greatly. We may have had the occasion to meet on the showroom floor, if you bought a vehicle in Thompson sometime between 1993 and1995.

Late in 1995, I decided to advance my education, when an opportunity to attend Keewatin Community College to study Industrial Electrical/Electronic Technology presented itself. With anticipation, I finally got a call from INCO in March of 1996 to work in the Refinery as a Mechanical Helper. I studied for the Industrial Mechanics Inter Provincial exam and narrowly missed receiving the highest score. As a long time activist, I became involved as Shop and Lead Steward; gained experience as an Alternate Safety, Health & Environment Worker Representative and Contracting out committee person in the Refinery. The challenges of these responsibilities have provided me with opportunities to develop my skills as an advocate for my brothers and sisters. This position, within the Union, brings new challenges and opportunities that will test me at a new level.

Please contact me to discuss and explore any issues you may have. I am available at your convenience and welcome the opportunity to act on your behalf.

In Solidarity,

HS/cl cope 342

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