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Here is the December 2016 Edition of the Gauntlet.

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The National King Miner Competition was held on June 25th, 2016 at the T.R.C.C. in Thompson, Manitoba. For 2016, Brian Woytkiw holds the title for National King Miner with came with a $2000.00 cash prize and plaque (sponsored by USW LU 6166), and a one of a kind "King Miner Ring" (created and donated by Don Johnson Jewellers.

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2016 National King Miner Contest Winners


1. National King Miner:

  • King Miner: Brian Woytkiw                       $2000.00 and a Plaque (Sponsored By USW 6166)
  • 1st Runner Up: Tryell Hall                          $700.00 and a Plaque (Sponsor by Nickel Days Corp.)
  • 2nd Runner Up: Josh Forest                      $200.00 and a Plaque (Sponsor by Nickel Days Corp.)
  • 3rd Runner Up: Alex Martin                        $100.00 and a Plaque (Sponsor by Nickel Days Corp.)

2. Team Event:                           Sponsor - Sandvik

Team Kennedy                                                          $1000.00 and a Plaque (Sponsor by Sandvik)

  • Scott Kennedy
  • Daniel Kennedy
  • Frank Bushby
  • Richard Patterson

3. Rookie Prize:                         Sponsor - Twin Motors

  • Bruno Forest $500.00
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Updates *April 2016*

New pictures added to the Photo Albums section.

Added President`s Message from National Day of Mourning.

Added Monthly meeting to Calendar. 

Added HUNDREDS of pictures to the Flickr account, located at the right side of the webpage, under the Follow Us! heading.

Good Evening Sisters, Brothers and Honoured Guests,

Welcome to our annual Day of Mourning Service. I am honoured and privileged to bring greetings on behalf of our members. This type of event does not take place without an organized team. Before I get into my message, I want to thank Brother Torrance Sukhbir, Worker Safety Representative in Maintenance, Utilities, Transportation and his committee for co-ordinating this event. I would also like to thank Brother Gord Medwid, Vice-President of USW Local 6166 and Worker Safety Representative for the Smelter for co-ordinating the Safe Workers of Tomorrow Program for the Frontier School Division. We also have a long history of working together with Vale to ensure that our young people, in particular, the High School students are presented the Safe Workers of Tomorrow program. This program is to ensure they understand their rights when they enter the workplace of their choice. This program has been supported both financially and with manpower in the past, by our partners in safety – VALE (this program is currently presented by presenters from Safe Workers of Tomorrow). They are to be commended for their foresight in supporting our young workers in this very important program.

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President Les Ellsworth brought greetings on behalf of the Executive and membership at the opening of the 7th annual USW Local 6166 Hockey Tournament. The teams were encouraged to play safe and remember it was a sport to be enjoyed by all. The Tournament began with T-1 and the City playing in the first round. We have a total of eight (8) teams participating this year. I want to take the opportunity to thanked Torrance Sukhbir and Bruce Cameron for their leadership with their committee in getting the tournament going. We wish each team the best and look forward to another successful tournament.

Updates *February 2016*

Congratulations to Gord Medwid on being elected to Vice-President to replace Phil Hayden who accepted a position with the Manitoba Government Employee’s Union.

Congratulations to James Crawley on being elected to Treasurer replacing Gord Medwid.

Congratulations to Andrew Cristo on being elected to the Grievance Committee replacing Phil Hayden.

Also added into the Calender are the dates for the National Policy Conference and the 6th Annual USW Hockey Tournament.

USW National Policy Conference

“Harald Stadlbauer and Robert Ellsworth was elected on February 08, 2016, to represent USW Local 6166 at the USW National Policy Conference in Montreal, Quebec”.


Les Ellsworth


USW Local 6166
Office: 204-677-1704
Cell: 204-679-0071

To all USW Local 6166 Members and the City of Thompson Residents

We had one of the greatest turn outs in our History for the December 2015 USW 6166 Christmas Shows (10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.). On behalf of our membership we appreciate all the support to make this day possible for all the children of Thompson. We regret that we had to turn away people at both shows because of the over capacity of the Theatre.

We like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Les Ellsworth
USW Local 6166

Dear Member:

We are pleased to announce that all the members and retirees now have additional benefits at NO COST TO YOU or your union. These benefits are jointly sponsored with American Income Life Insurance Company, a 100% union company servicing working families for more than 60 years.

American Income Life currently has over 270,000 USW members covered under AD&D policies at no cost. Since 1990, over $47.3 million in life, health, and no cost AD&D benefits have been paid to over 46,000 USW members and their families.

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I would like to welcome all of you visiting our USW Local 6166 Website. In particular, the members of USW Local 6166.

It is an honor to bring greetings on behalf of the USW Local 6166 Executive and 1200 plus members in Thompson and Churchill.
In celebrating Labour Day, we are reminded of the many struggles that got us to where we are today. Read more >>>

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